Bespoke Tours

Discover the wonderful sights of Lewis and Harris whilst learning about the history of the island with bespoke tours available to book!


  • Carloway Broch

  • Callanish Stones

  • Bragar Whalebone Arch

  • Gearrannan Blackhouse Village

Discover the fascinating history of the Outer Hebrides on a tour around the Isle of Lewis. You can visit many beautiful sights, including the Carloway Broch, Callanish Stones, Bragar Whalebone Arch and Gearrannan Blackhouse Village.


  • Isle of Harris Gin Distillery

  • Huisinis Beach

  • Luskentyre Beach

  • St. Clements Church

Visit the Isle of Harris to see breathtakingly beautiful beaches such as Luskentyre and Huisinis. Drop in to the Isle of Harris distillery, and go to St. Clements Church in Rodel to see wonderful historic architecture.

Ness and Uig

  • St. Moluags Church

  • Eoropie Beach

  • Uig Sands

  • Lewis Chessmen

Take a trip to the north of the island in Ness, where you can see the beautiful dunes of Eoropie Beach and the historical beauty of St. Moluags church. Travel to Uig, where you can see the breathtaking Uig Sands and historic Lewis Chessmen.

More Information

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